Me, as guest author, at the launching event of the collective book “Traveling Stories” with texts of emigrated Romanians

I’m Georgia, I’m a filmmaker, and this is my dreams incubation corner where I share my trips from (day)dreaming to catching ideas and to materializing them into scripts and films. A journey dominated by questions and a pile of exploration trips filled with experiments, trials and errors, and more failures than successes, something that I call living life.

I’m a late bloomer, I may say, and since I’m reinventing my life from the scratch at 40, in the midst of the pandemic, my joy is living the beauty of this journey and sharing it. And ideally, getting to pay the bills from it one day.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and if you watch my films, I’d love to hear your opinions and read your reviews. Feel free to ask any questions and to connect with me on social media :)

1st Film Creator Reel – Georgia Mihalcea

Author Films | Produced

2021: The Locationist (comedy-drama, film and making-of documentary)
2020: Article 22 (edu-short, truth)
2020: Sunmoon (sci-fi hybrid, love)

Creative Producer

2021: One Day by Maja Kovacevic (medium-length, drama)
2021: In Good Company by Ana-Maria Gardescu (animation)

Production Management

Touch Me Not, Charlie Countryman

TV Shows
Marry My Son (ProTV RO), Destination Truth (SyFy USA), Expedition Unknown (Travel Chanel USA), Luisa and Rosana (TLC NL)

Georgia Mihalcea is a Romanian filmmaker and creative producer with a BA in Economics, an MA in Financial Accounting, and an MFA in Film Production at the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L. Caragiale” from Bucharest. She landed in the movie industry from the entrepreneurship and open innovation challenge-driven worlds where her cross-industry solutions to various challenges were multiple times winners.

In 2020, she wrote, directed, and independently produced two short movies, a featurette, and a long format making-of documentary, among other projects in development with other creators. And she was also a finalist for the notorious Fulbright Student Award Scholarship.

She applies the diversity of her skills to the film industry by experimenting with various micro-budget content, hybrid formats, and self-promotion and distribution strategies that hold the potential for new independent producers and filmmakers to launch their careers faster and secure their continuity.

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