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Georgia Mihalcea

Welcome to DREAMS INCUBATION, my exploration journey of how my dreams shape my reality and actions, a multi-facet trip about catching ideas and applying them to the process of understanding who I am and how I can work with my findings. Dreams Incubation is where I am looking for answers to the question: how can I make my dreams applicable?

What are you dreaming when you sleep? How do you feel in your dreams? Are you the same in dreams and reality? Are they all dreams?

Dreamland fascinates me. I feel there’s more of me there than here. They feel like bridges. Bridges between my inner world and the outer world, between what I know about me and what I don’t know, between what was lost, inactivated, or annihilated in me through trauma and what I can still see, feel and recognize.

My life was always dreams-driven. Night dreaming and daydreaming. Are they so different? Even though I could tell the difference between them at a rational level, at the level of feelings and emotions they often felt as coming from the same source.

Dreams, coupled with research and action, helped me along the way in unexpected ways: to create solutions to problems for industries and businesses I’ve never worked in; to navigate through crisis situations; to anticipate and better manage change and innovation when leading; to escape manipulative characters; to overcome my long-lasting sleep paralysis; to save my health and life a couple of times; to release pain and fear; to let go; to fulfill my passion of making films and writing better stories and characters.

Dreams also sent me curious questions, like: What if my greatest fear is not of pain or death, but of myself? And they also proved to be today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.

I hope you’ll find something useful or inspiring for your journey while spending a part of your time in my dreams incubation space. If so, I would love to hear it and to find out also about your own journey from dreams to reality.

Thank you for being here.


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