Room 88. Red Moon Hotel. A temporary love that lasted forever. Musical Short.

Red Moon Hotel

Billy and Jenny met at a disco bar
She was heavily drinking tequila
He was smoking his second cigar.

Jenny was flirting with Louie
A playboy singer with a guitar.
Billy was hanging with Angie
The most popular girl in town.

Jenny was wearing a blue dress
A thing that caught Billy’s eye.
Her back was made for bites and kisses
And her sculpted ankles for heavy rides.

She felt Billy’s eyes on her skin
And she imagined them dark green
But she couldn’t tell who’s who
Angie and Louie were in between.

DJ changed the music
Milli Vanilli they started to hear
Girl You Know It’s True
The old song, now on vinyl.

Louie kissed Jenny
She kissed him back.
Angie jumped on Billy
She wanted to dance.

Billy said no
Babe, I gotta go
And on his way out
His eyes met Jenny’s
They were mesmerized.
His heart went wild
Hers felt something else
And she pulled back fast
From Louie’s heavy arms.

Oh, God! Those dark green eyes.
This man must be mine.

This woman, Lord, I know now
She is so wild, but she is the one.

She followed him outside
Stranger! Make love to me tonight!
Billy turned around and came close to her
Lingered on her hair, then looked into her eyes
Don’t provoke love, it’s a burning game.
You started this fire, now it’s too late.

This is too much, can’t be your whore.
Why? Too proud for a temporary love?
That’s a player’s game. This is what you want?
Life is so, stranger. There’s nothing more.

Oh, so you’re addicted to that dilemma
Addicted to what? What do you mean?
Butterflies, thrills, and Shakespearean drama
I’m listening, listening, listening
The chaos after the nights of passion
Go on, stranger, go on, I am following
That is the question. To feel or not to feel.
Ha ha ha, you think you know me
I know. I know why you only begin.

So, this is your fear, my temporary feelings.
No darling, only the illusions that feel way too real.

Let’s cut it to the bone! What’s gonna be?
I can’t deny the heat between you and me.
I feel this love, but I cannot see it in reality
There’s no such thing besides you and me.
Don’t want to commit, that is not my thing
Fair enough, darling, but don’t behave as it is.
I want your cake, but I also want more.
Ah, you feel pleasure from fear. That’s going on.
You are driving me crazy, stop analyzing.
Tell the truth, darling
There’s no other way
For people like you and me
To play the burning game.

This is the truth, this is who I am
Torn between freedom and the dream of love
Stop torturing me, I want you so badly
To tear you apart, be nasty and aggressive
Talk dirty, do it rough, crazy, and sweaty
Why on Earth can’t we just be?
Seduce me now, stranger.
Or I was wrong and you can’t handle me?

This is it? Your way or the highway?
Yes, stranger. Now, can we play?
So, this is how it’s gonna be
You pretending in love with me
Saying anything I wanna hear.
A trickster, a joker, a player
Illegal to the bone, the kind you wanna sue.
Yes, stranger. But one dressed in blue.

Billy went out
She followed him outside
Stranger! Make love to me tonight!
Billy turned around and came close to her
His dark green eyes made Jenny feel dreamy
Meet me on Sunday.
What’s wrong with now?
Everything, darling, just follow the signs.
So be it, stranger. Where would that be?
Red Moon Hotel. And by the way…
Come naked, I’ll dress you up.
What’s your name stranger?
Call me what you want.

Twenty years later
At Red Moon Hotel
Every night on Sundays
Flames of love were burning
Between Billy and Jenny
In Room 88.

You could never tell
If they come or not
They were never talking
About what’s going on
The truth was enough.
Never said the words
And neither of them asked
Their names or the question
That one, you know what
Or if the next Sunday, the deal is still up.

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